Create Retirement Security with Your Individual Retirement Plan (Using 401(k)s, IRAs, and other investment plans)

For Employees


Chances are, you place money every pay period in a 401(k) retirement account. Most employees don't get any help with these job-related retirement plans. We focus on helping you reach your retirement goals, so contact us for a consultation.

IRAs have come a long way, baby! The investment choices in an Individual Retirement Account are quite expansive. From mutual funds, annuities, U.S. Treasuries, CDs, stocks, and more alternatives, you should consider having a balanced approach to your long-term retirement planning. We can help you with that!

For Employers –  401(k) and Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) 

Save time, liability, and money by becoming part of a Pooled Employer Plan.

If you're a business owner or have responsibility for your company's retirement plan, you need to be aware of your fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities. Call for a consultation as to what those are and how you and your company can shift many of those worries to someone else.

Talk to us about your company’s retirement plan needs.  We have the expertise to help you establish a new plan by analyzing and strategizing with you to determine which plan would be best for your company (401(k), SEP, SIMPLE, PEP).  The newest type of Defined Contribution plan is the Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs).  Created by the December 2019 Secure Act, Pooled Employer Plans became allowable on 1/1/2021.

Establishing or transitioning to a Pooled Employer Plan for your company and employees will provide a tremendous advantage to you as the employer/plan sponsor. Employers and plan participants will benefit from the elimination of individual plan audits and individual Form 5500 filings and also potentially enjoy dramatic internal cost savings by leveraging their individual plan assets with those of potentially hundreds or more adopting employers. And the elimination of the “one bad apple” issue in 2020 provides each employer with the peace of mind of knowing that the actions of another adopting employer in the plan won’t negatively impact their own group’s qualified status.

Offloading much of the responsibilities and liabilities of 401(k) administration and oversight can lift a heavy burden off employer trustees, oversight committees, and HR personnel.  If your plan is subject to plan audits, you will avoid the burden of time, effort, and much of the costs that come with those plan audits.  In a PEP, that responsibility will now fall on the Pooled Plan Provider.

Call or email today to request a 30-minute initial consultation about your retirement plan.

Benefits of New PEPs over Old 401(k) Plans

Choosing a retirement plan is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. You should select an investment account that will help you live comfortably in your golden years. Although the choice is yours, we think that what sets PEP apart from a 401(k) is that it allows you to:

Reduce costly annual plan audit expense.
Annual form 5500 submission hassles will be gone.
Eliminate fiduciary investment worries.
Clear fee structures.

Reduce 408(b)(2) fee disclosure workload.
✓ Reduce plan document maintenance issues.
    And much more!