Protect Your Family with Term or Permanent Life Insurance

Insurance gives you peace of mind about your family's finances. VIP Capital, Inc. offers a very large and distinctive list of product solutions for insurance, investment, and income needs. We offer term life insurance that is low-cost for a specific period of time, as well as guaranteed permanent lifetime coverage. We focus on matching you with options that offer security at competitive premiums. Reach out to us to discuss your specific insurance needs or to request a quote.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the least costly to implement. In most cases, policyholders use it to fulfill a short-term need (up to 30 years). As your personal, family, or business needs change over time, the coverage amount may require adjusting. You can easily reduce coverage; however, you have to prove insurability if you want to increase the benefit later in the policy's life.

When offering lower-cost term insurance, we like to provide coverage that is also "convertible" to a permanent plan. The plans we offer allow the owner to convert the coverage to a permanent plan regardless of their health status at the conversion time.

Permanent Life Insurance

Choose universal life insurance if you want guaranteed permanent coverage without concern for cash value. Your insurer will ensure the benefit as long as the owner pays the planned premium as scheduled. This type of insurance can save you money because long-term cash value is not the goal. As a permanent plan, universal life is more costly than term life because the insurance company must plan to pay out the death benefit to your beneficiaries.

Choose whole life insurance if you want guaranteed permanent coverage and also want to build up cash value in the policy. This type of insurance can help to build a nest egg for future use. As a permanent plan, whole life is more costly than universal life because in addition to the death benefit, you're building cash value.

Choose variable life insurance if you want permanent coverage and also want to build up cash value which is based on stock market related performance. One of our securities-licensed agents can review this option with you.


Annuities are typically long-term investment vehicles that offer many benefits. Primarily, the benefits are tax deferral of earnings, probate avoidance, multiple investment options, and guaranteed lifetime income options.

If kept in a retirement account, a deferred annuity should possess qualities other than tax deferral as the primary reason for purchase. Many guaranteed-rate annuities offer excellent rates of return today.

◉ Fixed Rate - Guaranteed for the term (can be from 1 year to 10 years).  Today, many guaranteed-rate annuities offer excellent rates on their 3 to 10 year terms.

◉ Equity Indexed* - Returns link to the performance of a market index.

◉ "Income" or Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) - Generates monthly, quarterly, or annual income (income may range for a specific timeframe in years, or the lifetime of a person or couple). Many of today's annuities "tier" to their guaranteed rates. This means that they will often offer higher interest for larger deposits, starting at $50,000.

◉ Variable* - Use mutual fund-like investments for potentially higher returns. One of our securities licensed agents will gladly explain the benefits and risks associated with this type of annuity.

◉ Registered Indexed Linked Annuities (RILAs)* - Let you participate in growth opportunities, up to a certain percentage, by tracking the performance of a market index while allowing you to enjoy a level of protection in down markets. One of our securities licensed agents will gladly explain the benefits and risks associated with this type of annuity.

Long-Term Care Insurance

No one wants to think about asking for assistance in their home due to a chronic health condition or having to spend months and perhaps years in a nursing facility, but it could happen. Unfortunately, these services and/or facilities can drain a person's savings and/or pensions. Long-term care insurance gives you financial flexibility in covering the costs of in-home or nursing home care. We prefer to offer single-deposit policies where premiums will not increase over the lifetime of the policy. Let us provide you with a free quote on a long-term care policy.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Insurance known as "Medigap" helps pay for what Medicare does not cover. For a monthly premium, the insured generally has no restrictions on their choice of doctors and hospitals, as long as these providers accept Medicare. Medicare Supplement Insurance policies come with minimal copays and deductibles, if any.


◉ Insurance Quotes

Let us save you money with our no-cost and no-obligation quotes. We offer personalized quotes for life insurance, long-term care coverage, guaranteed-rate and income annuities, and Medicare Supplement plans.

◉ Insurance Review

Do your current insurance policies offer the best coverage possible? Have you updated essential information such as beneficiaries or addresses? Do you have enough or too much insurance? Our brokers will do an insurance review to make sure your policies meet your needs. We recommend you request a review every year.

◉ Investment Services

It is through our advisors' affiliation with LifeMark Securities Corp.*, we offer securities such as Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, REITs, and Variable Annuities. Additionally, as Investment Advisory Representatives (IARs) of LifeMark's Registered Investment Advisory (RIA), we offer Financial Planning and Portfolio Management services.